Toronto Kitchen Renovation

Considerations, prior to commencing a kitchen renovation in Toronto.

You will have to  initially establish  what types and quality of appliances, cabinetry and storage space you require, and ensure that they all your selections match up in both design and quality. If you plan on a mid to high end kitchen renovation, then you should also budget for new appliances, that would complement your new cabinet designs.

Determine whether you will be installing new lighting, power outlets or switches.  A good kitchen renovation company will usually take care of the details during the preliminary planning process, but these are things to be aware of.

Do existing wall, floor and ceiling cavities allow for the plumbing, lighting, ventilation and water-heating options and cabinetry you plan? Will you be replacing or resurfacing existing flooring? Determine whether you will use any existing fixtures, fittings or finishes in the new design. What colors and styles suit your taste and lifestyle? How can you best plan around ongoing work? For example consider creating a temporary kitchen, eating meals out or renting a serviced apartment. Again, a good kitchen renovation company will review in detail exactly what changes will be made, and recommend the best course of action.

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